Getting Started

>> What is NFC?

NFC refers to near field communication. At its most basic level, NFC is a standard for very short-range radio transmission. A pair of NFC transmitters can communicate at a maximum of just a few centimeters. Some chips are designed so that the only way they send and receive information is if you’ve touched the device you’re carrying with the one with which you’re going to communicate. That makes NFC reliable.

NFC tags can also be used to store and transfer information. You might probably have noticed small NFC tags next to advertisements near bus stops, stickers in shops…etc

These tags can store wide ranges of information, from short lines of text, such as a web address or contact details, to links to apps in the Google Play Store. It’s a quick and efficient way to quickly push information to your phone and these little tags can replace bar and QI codes, and could even be used instead of Bluetooth in some cases.

NFC tags are passive devices, which means that they operate without a power supply of their own and are reliant on an active device to come into range before they are activated. They are simply used to transfer information to an active device, such as a smartphone.

NFC in Nada

  • eCards for friends

If you have decided to create a special and unique eCard for your friends, we will help you to store the eCard you have selected to the Nada watch you have purchased. Please noted that under this circumstance, the NFC chip will be locked. The eCard will be saved in the chip forever. Make it memorable.

  • Name card/ Linkedin Account

The NFC chips will not be locked. We will write the tags on your Nada watch as per your request for the 1st time. And you might make changes anytime you want later on.

  • Create tasks
    For Creators, the NFC chips will be emptied. We will endeavor to provide support and guide you to write the tags you want on your own. You need to save the tags into the NFC chips on your own. Don’t be worry, it’s fun! You will be stunned! And we will support you!